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General terms and conditions
Our goal is that all our customers are satisfied. That's why we put them completely at the disposal of wanting to listen to all their concerns, advice or suggestions, they are always ready to offer the best service. You can contact us by telephone, regular mail, fax or e-mail on our website for contacts.

Terms of sale
We sell exclusively under the terms of which we summarize the most important points below. For other conditions that the client requires it requires our written consent. Our terms of sale are used for all future transactions with the customer. When the client make a reservation (booking) (letter, fax, via the online store, phone) or if you give your e-mail address will automatically receive periodic technical information (from which they can withdraw at any time).

Our offer without obligation. We reserve the right to modify instruments and products for the purpose of technical development of the same. Must be adhered to the instructions for the use of instruments (devices). The data contained in our documentation / internet commerce serve to describe the product. They do not represent guaranteed properties. This information is given on the basis of the manufacturer's documentation, with the right to error and alteration.

Many produces are shipped usually within 10-15 business days. These are only rough indications, as part of our product depends on the ordering. Delivery dates can be shorter. They depend on our booking confirmation. By days of delivery shall mean working days except Saturdays. Time of shipment (delivery) is calculated from the time when the product is out of skIadišta to final delivery time.

Prices and payment
When you receive an offer from us, if it suits you, pay the amount of the offer, incl. VAT determined by law, transportation costs, packaging and insurance to the specified account number. Payments can be made via bank transfer or money order. If the offer states that the cod then the payment is made when accepting the goods. The stated prices are prices for cash and invoice payment. At a minimum quantity does not charge for other charges (unless specified).

Transportation and Insurance
After delivery of the goods you requested (address, train, buses) we performed our contractual obligations, and the risk now moves on to you, even all that regards the recovery. Incurred any damage during transportation, please contact with us.

Packaging provided by the manufacturer or PROBUS GROUP. The cost of packaging and recycling these are charged to the customer.

Limitation of property rights
After fulfillment of our current and future claims from commercial relations, ownership is transferred to you. You are authorized to change or modify the product, but not in its resale. Complaints Obvious defects must be communicated within one week after receipt of the goods. Less obvious errors may be written to tell him of the week following the discovery thereof, but no later than four weeks after receipt of the goods.

Quality guarantee / indemnity
Our electronic and mechanical instruments are guaranteed for accuracy, quality of materials and their processing, which is valid for 24 months from delivery. An extended warranty period, which appear in the documentation / online store will be respected. In the event that the goods were defective (error), we will eliminate the error or replace the goods. If we can not solve the problem, or is it takes a long time, the buyer may cancel the order and to encourage change in the price of the product. The exception in the case of consumable parts (components), such as for example batteries for torches.

The right of return of the goods
We guarantee the right to return goods within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery. If you are not satisfied with the item, call us and we'll cancel the account and refund. On the returned goods must not be signs that the product was used and it must be in its original packaging. Risk and transportation costs of returning the goods go to your cargo. There are not any possibility of refund certificates, because all sent on your behalf. To recall a common following procedure: with PROBUS groups have to contact by phone or via the contact form available on the website, with a note that you want to refund the product, and state:

    The serial number of the product

Upon receipt of the notification, we will continue the process of return indicating you the address to which you send the product (direct costs of transport and refunds are charged to the buyer). When PROBUS GROUP, the product (which must be accompanied by the original sales receipt), followed by a full refund of the amount in the same way as you would any payment made. In any case, will dock to return only those products where the original packaging preserved intact, which are not damaged and have not been unsealed.

Governing Law
By visiting the website PROBUS GROUP or order the product client accepts trade law in the country of the supplier.

Online dispute resolution
In case of need for online dispute resolution, customers can use new Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform that offers a single point of entry that allows EU consumers and traders to settle their disputes for both domestic and cross-border online purchases - Online Dispute Resolution >>>

Protection of privacy data
In accordance with the present conditions, the data relating to persons and businesses of our customers will be stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Before using the website, please read the Privacy Policy and the Information on Cookies at this website.

Links to our website
By activating the order you accept our general business conditions.


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