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Infrared Thermometer DT-8818

Temperature range of -50 ... +550 ° C. Temperature gauge with a red laser beam and an accuracy of ± 1.5% for non-contact measurement of surface
147,50 €
Sales price without tax 118,00 €
Tax amount 29,50 €

Infrared temperature meter DT-8818 with a very good ratio price / efficiency is characterized by easy handling and a red laser beam. Measuring an object can be an easy target and examine. Thermometer for industry, trade, service and trade, for example in the areas of heating, irradiation, air conditioning, automotive, electrical code control system is equally suitable as monitoring of research projects and testing. DT-8818 demonstrates its effectiveness in harsh conditions. The display is illuminated. The device comprises a laser beam for accurate measurement of the object with respect to the fixing speed and bezdodirnog temperature measurement from a safe distance on the hot and moving objects or in inaccessible places. Factor emissivity (epsilon) is fixed at 0.95, thus covering approx. 90% of all measuring tasks. Please note that the measuring object should be greater than the laser spot. What a small object that he should come closer.

Scope of supply:
1 x Infrared temperature meter DT-8818, 1 x battery, 1 carrying case and user's manual


Temperature range : -50 ... +550 ° C

Resolution : 0.1 ° C (in a measuring range of -50 ... +200 ° C) 1 ° C (in a measuring range of 201 ... +550 ° C)

Accuracy : ± 5 ° C from -50 ... - 20 ° C, above ± 1.5% of the measured value ± 2 ° C

Response time : <500 ms

Measuring cycle : 2.5 times / s

Operating temperature : 0 ... 50 ° C

Power supply : 9V-battery

Size : 230 x 56 x 100 mm

Weight : 290 g

Measuring point : 12: 1

Emissivity (fixed) : 0.95

Laser point / end point : visible laser beam

Laser class : I (output <1 mV, wavelength 630-670 nm)

LCD display illuminated : yes



Calibration certificate


Za više informacija o proizvodu, pogledajte PDF opis.



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