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In our online shop you can buy pocket scales (well protected / everywhere applicable). Convenient, portable rugged pocket scales contain many functions, such as the function of counting or dosage. Weighing platforms are in these two models scales made ??of stainless steel. Weighing capacity pocket scale is 100 ... 250 g (depending on model).
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Pocket scales

Pocket Scale KD-M300G

Precision Pocket Scale resolution 0.1 g with weighing range of 0 ... 300 g

42,50 €
Sales price without tax: 34,00 €
Tax amount: 8,50 €

Pocket scale DW-100AS

The scale of high resolution and a protective cover-Area: 100g-Resolution: 0.01g-board ...

76,25 €
Sales price without tax: 61,00 €
Tax amount: 15,25 €

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first low cost digital water tester

Temperature Data Loggers

Microlite - low-cost temperature data logger

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