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Edura-Instruments has certain models of cable detectors with which you can locate open power cables, either with or without current (up to 300V). Our cable detectors can locate circuits, cables, short circuits and ground, test coaxial cables and protective tubing. When you perform these functions, it is not necessary to disconnect the power to the cable being tested or to disconnect electrically sensitive devices. They can also locate non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastic and wood with a level high of accuracy. Edura-Intstruments cable detectors provide a safe way to test cables in walls for which no plans or information is available; they are also very good for quick and safe drilling when holes are required to be made in walls, floors and ceilings. For questions and help please contact us and we will gladly help you to find the instrument that suits your needs. Our customers can get an individual offer. Please send your requests on our E-Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Cable detectors

Cable tracer 191CB

Locates live cables or wires in the walls and ducts for cables • Pocket-sized tester ...

70,00 €
Sales price without tax: 56,00 €
Tax amount: 14,00 €

Cable Tracer CT-581

This tester is usable for findinig cables in networks, walls, and cable breakes. Sound ...

127,50 €
Sales price without tax: 102,00 €
Tax amount: 25,50 €

PKT 3365 LAN Tester with digital multimeter

Checks the validity of the pin configuration 10 Base-T cable, 10 Base-2 Thin Ethernet ...

73,75 €
Sales price without tax: 59,00 €
Tax amount: 14,75 €

PKT-1030 voltage detector 90-1000 V AC

With audible signal at the present voltage, suitable for circuits with 50/60 Hz.

16,25 €
Sales price without tax: 13,00 €
Tax amount: 3,25 €

HACCP thermometers



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Hanna Checker!

first low cost digital water tester

Temperature Data Loggers

Microlite - low-cost temperature data logger

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