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WEATHERHUB Internet-Gateway 5005-4000

To connect wireless WeatherHub T / F - station for temperature and humidity via a LAN cable to a local Internet-Router.
65,50 €
Sales price without tax 52,40 €
Tax amount 13,10 €

To connect wireless WeatherHub T / F - station for temperature and humidity via a LAN cable to a local Internet-Router.


Power supply: External power adapter

Dimensions: 40 x 28 x 104 mm

Weight: 66g

Compatibility: iOS of 7.0 or Android 3.2 (and above), the necessary camera


WEATHERHUB Smart Home temperature monitor

Turn your Smartphone into a mobile gauge climate size. Check application WEATHERHUB for temperature values ​​around your house - anytime, anywhere.

Installation in only 3 simple steps

Download free WEATHERHUB application (App) on your Smartphone and connect the Ethernet port Gateway with your router. Finally, insert the batteries in the sensors (transmitters) and the application, scan to print QR Code on the back of the sensor - almost.


{youtube} pmnip-vwPKQ {/ youtube}

Useful App with many additional functions

It had never been so easy to keep track of the climate at home with your smartphone. With WEATHERHUB of TFA now be easily anytime and anywhere to monitor the temperatures of, for example, in the children's room, the basement, the store, the conservatory or living room. Set the alarm limits and check the pressure on the push-News in order to inform it whether they exceeded the limit value. Data for up to 50 sensors can be seen on various smartphones.

  • Readings from the last 90 days are stored
  • Additional sensors for example, for temperature and humidity sensor or alarm for the water available as accessory

Free App for iPhone 4 (or later) iPad 2 (or later) and is available as an Android version


Technical data:

  • Measurement range / temperature -29 ° C to + 59 ° C (-20 ° F to + 74 ° F)
  • Accuracy Temperature: better + - / 1 ° C (+/- 1 ° F)
  • The range of the transmitter (station) max. 100m (in free field)
  • Free App download
  • To apply to the LAN to the Internet via cable
  • Dimensions: 40 (44) 28 x (32) x 104mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Starter Set incl. sensor (cell), power adapter and a network cable (RJ45)
  • The required batteries (2 x 1.5V AAA)


Scope of supply: 1x Gateway, 1x cell temperature (30.3300.02)




 WEATHERHUB Internet-Gateway
 6040-3301  WeatherHub T - station for temperature with a waterproof  sensor on the cable
 6040-3303  WeatherHub T/F - station for temperature and humidity
 6040-3302   WeatherHub T/F - cell for humidity and temperature with  external sensor
 30-3305-02  WeatherHub T/F - pager on the presence of water 


Za više informacija o proizvodu, pogledajte PDF opis.

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